My name is Linda Longley and I have researched the Langley-Longley family for over 25 years. I hope that with the help of other family historians, I can gather a comprehensive, thoroughly researched genealogy. 
The Langley / Longley Family History will identify all known children and grandchildren of James Langley of Oyster River, Dover, New Hampshire, (1680-1731/2) and their descendants.  
If you feel that you have family history information that would add to the richness of this book, please contact me. I'll work with you to carefully tell your family story, supported by primary and secondary research, much of which I have gathered. 
In the History of the Town of Durham NH by Everett S. Stackpole and Winthrop S. Meserve, Volume 2, page 246, the early Langley family has a published family profile. The new Family history will be based on information found in the many probate, land records, family histories, town and vital records and other records now available, but not readily available to Stackpole and Meserve in 1913. 

The Longley children of Lewiston, ME, and a family friend, Len Bilodeau: front, Al, George, back row: Richard, Len and Peggy, c.1927, copyright, Linda Longley
Previously published articles: 
The Maine Genealogist, The Journal of the Maine Genealogical Society
Volume 29, Number 4 [November 2007]• The Parentage of George W. Langley of Somerset County, Maine, by Linda Longley 
Volume 31, Number 2 [May 2009]• The First Family of Dr. Jonah Spaulding of Franklin and Somerset Counties, Maine,
by Linda Longley
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